The Church of La Ventana is a spiritual community in which people come together in prayer and ceremony having evolved directly from a lineage of traditions in South and Central America. Community members find our ceremonies and services to be a crucial catalyst for personal and collective spiritual connection and growth. La Ventana is itself constantly evolving and maturing through ancient tradition and divine inspiration towards improving the effectiveness of its ceremonies and its organization. In essence, the purpose of this is to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing within each person, our community, our greater humanity, the earth & world at large and we welcome the participation of those with any other religious or spiritual identity. 

We achieve this goal through the preservation, promotion, and education of traditional beliefs, practices, and ceremonies of the indigenous nations of the Americas and to make these sacred traditions available to the modern people of the Americas and the world, as practiced by our indigenous ancestors. We draw principally on the Mestizo traditions of Peru, the Mexhica traditions of Indigenous Mexico, and the Kogi and Arhuaco nations of Indigenous Colombia, with direct guidance and support from teachers and spiritual leaders in each tradition. It is our intent to document, archive, and research these traditions for the benefit of ourselves, our planet and those generations who come after us.

We also promote the native values & teachings of caring for our natural resources – clean water, fertile soil, and clean organic unmodified food sources, through living in harmony with the Earth as our ancestors lived.  It is our hope that conscious and educated individuals will become responsible for their own lives and environments in accordance with the practice of sustainability, connection to the planet we live on and ability to maintain increasingly self-sufficient & harmonious lifestyles.

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Church of La Ventana